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The Fox And The Lion Story: Moral Story Of Fox And Lion Beststory4u

Today I am sharing this blog of The Fox And The Lion Story  with all of you, which is quite valuable for every child. These moral stories will help a lot in understanding the society of children, so that they can become a good person. If you like this story, then do share it with other people.

*. The FOX or The LION - 

Tired with the boredom of his normal life, Rama decided to go on a spiritual discovery. He decided to spend a few days in a Jungle close to the village.

 So, every day he meditated in the woods. Whenever he got hungry, he would come to the village. One day, while returning to the Jungle he noticed a severely injured fox. Its front legs were detached completely. 

Nature is not gentle to any kind of incapability. If you lose your legs, you lose your life. Yet, the fox looked well-fed and healthy.

 Rama was surprised. But he ignored it and focused on his meditation. As the sun set, Rama heard the roar of a lion.

 He forgot about his meditation and climbed up a tree. To his astonishment, a full grown male lion came with a piece of meat, dropped it in front of the fox and went away. 

Rama couldn't believe this…if furious lion is feeding a crippled fox. Next evening, the lion came again with a piece of meat, dropped it in front of the fox and went away.

 Rama took this as a message that God was sending him. He had his own interpretation….Even a crippled fox in this forest is being fed by a lion and you fool, just sit here and food will come to you.

One day. two days, three days, meditation became more like a struggle for Rama. By the seventh day, he was struggling between life and death. 

Just then a yogi was passing by. He heard Rama's desperate cries and started following the sound.

'What happened to you? why are you in this condition?' asked the Yogi.

"Oh yogi, please help me. A divine message came to me. I went by the message and I became like this."

"What happened?" the Yogi asked.

'Look a crippled fox is being fed by a furious lion every day. Isn't this a divine message?'

The yogi looked at him and said. "Definitely….this is a divine message, but why is it that you chose to be like the crippled fox and not like the generous lion?"

Thinking good thoughts is not enough. Doing good is not enough. Seeing others follow your good example is good enough.

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*. Owning Mistakes -   (The Fox And The Lion Story)

Simon was a curious boy. He was fond of reading adventure stories. 

He lived with his grandfather. One night, he stealthily entered the store room where his grandfather kept his priceless antiques. 

Simon knew his grandfather did not like anyone to touch his rare collections.

Once inside the room, Simon stood on a chair. He lifted the box wherein his grandfather had kept many wrist-watches bought from different countries he had visited.

While getting down from the chair, Simon’s elbow struck against the chair. The box slipped out of his hands and fell onto the floor.

 All the watched lay scattered all around. To his utter shock, he found the glass of his grandfather’s favorite watch broken.

Simon got frightened lest his grandfather should come to know about the broken glass. He started picking up the pieces of glass.

Simon thought, “How will I tell my grandfather that his favorite watch had got broken? He will be angry with me. If I do not tell him, he will not come to know about it."

Simon got nervous. His heart started beating faster. He put the broken watch back into the box and placed the box back on the shelf.

 Afterwards, he went to sleep. He tossed and turned in bed. He could not sleep in peace throughout the whole night.

The next morning, Simon got up early. He gathered courage to go and admit his fault to his grandfather. 

Reaching his grandfather’s bedroom he told him everything. The grandfather looked thoughtful. He did not say anything to Simon. He went over to the store room. Simon kept standing with his head down.

Having returned from the store the grandfather said to Simon, “I felt very angry when you had broken my precious watch. 

Your grandmother gifted it to me on our first wedding anniversary. But you need not worry. Only the glass is broken. I shall have it replaced."

Simon felt relieved. After some time, his grandfather went into kitchen and bought a glass of milk for him.

While giving the milk to Simon, his grandfather said, “It was brave enough of you to tell me about the broken watch. You knew that I would scold you, did not you?"

Simon said, “I was scared at first. But I dared not tell a lie. I should not have touched your things without your permission."

Simon’s grandfather further remarked, “When I was at your age, I also broke my mother’s precious flower-case.

 I was scared to own up my mistake. But, when I went to confess, she said that she already knew about it."

It is brave to admit your mistake. You may be scared of being scolded. But it is the only way for you to be free from guilt.

*. Perceptive  -    (The Fox And The Lion Story)

Two twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father. One grew up to be an alcoholic and when asked what happened, he said “I watched my father."

The other grew up and never drank in his life. When asked what happened, he said “I watched my father."

Two boys, same dad, two different perspectives.

Your perspective in life will determine your destination.

Today is a new day.

*. Hercules -    (The Fox And The Lion Story)

Hercules was a strong and brave man. He lived in Greece. The King was jealous of Hercules. People might make Hercules the King.

 Therefore he wanted to get rid of Hercules. He set difficult tasks for Hercules to keep him away from the country so that he would not be a possible threat to him (the King).

Once he asked Hercules to get three golden apples. Some trees were said to bear golden apples. 

These trees were said to be in a place called Hesperides. But no one knew the way to Hesperides. So the King thought of Hesperides.

 Hercules would be away for a longer period.

Hercules set out on the journey. At first he met three maidens during the journey. Hercules asked them the way to Hesperides. 

They told him to ask the old man of the sea. But they also warned him, “Hold the old man of the sea tightly. Otherwise he will escape. No one else knows the way."

Hercules saw the old man. He was sleeping on the shore. He was looking strange. He had long hair and a beard. Hercules walked to him without making any noise. Then he seized him very firmly.

The old man of the sea opened his eyes. He was surprised. He changed himself into a stag. He tried to free himself from the grip of Hercules.

 But Hercules held him tight. Then the old man changed himself into a sea-bird and then to other animal forms. But he could not free himself from the clutches of Hercules, because Hercules was making his clutches tighter and tighter.

 Finally the old man said to Hercules, “Who are you? What do you want from me?"

Hercules replied, “I am Hercules. Tell me the way to Hesperides."

The old man said, “It is an island. Go along the sea-shore. You will meet a giant. He will show you the way to Hesperides."

Hercules continued his journey. He met the giant. The giant was very huge and strong. He was sleeping on the shore. Hercules woke him up.

 The giant was angry. He struck Hercules with a club. Hercules charged at the giant. He lifted the giant and threw him down.

 But the giant got up immediately. He had become ten times stronger. Hercules threw him down again and again. But each time the giant rose up much stronger. Then Hercules lifted the giant high up in the air

. But he did not throw him down. The giant slowly lost all his strength. He now pleaded with Hercules to put him down on the earth. 

Hercules asked him to tell the way to Hesperides. The giant asked Hercules to meet Atlas. He told him the way to the place where Atlas was.

Hercules continued his journey. He, at last, met Atlas.

“Why do you want the golden apples?" asked Atlas.

“My King has ordered me to get him these three golden apples," said Hercules.

“It is a long way from here to that place. Only I can go there. Hold this sky for me. I shall get them for you," said Atlas.

Hercules agreed. He held the sky on his shoulders. Atlas walked away. He was back in a short time. 

He put down the three golden apples at the foot of Hercules. Hercules thanked Atlas. He requested Atlas to take back the sky from him.

“Take back the sky!" said Atlas cunningly. “I have held it for a thousand years. I shall come back after another thousand years!"

Hercules was astonished at what Atlas told him. But he did not express his astonishment. He recovered his senses and replied, “Oh! In that case, will you please hold the sky for a little while? 

I shall make a pad for my shoulders to support the sky. Then I shall take back the sky from you." Thus Hercules talked very quietly.

Atlas agreed. Atlas took back the sky from Hercules. Hercules immediately collected the three golden apples.

 He bid Atlas goodbye with a mischievous smile on his face. The he walked away towards Greece leaving Atlas speechless and surprised.

Hercules reached his homeland Greece after many days of travel. 

He gave the three golden apples to the King. The King was surprised to have got the golden apples from Hercules. 

He was happy. But he pretended not to have been satisfied. But he secretly, he was planning to send away Hercules away on another perilous adventure.

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