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Dog Story In English : The Greedy Dog Story Beststory4u

Today I am sharing this blog of Dog Story In English  with all of you, which is quite valuable for every child. These moral stories will help a lot in understanding the society of children, so that they can become a good person. If you like this story, then do share it with other people.

*.The Dog and The Shadow -   Dog Story In English

A big dog stole a piece of bone from a kitchen. It began to run very fast. It came to a stream. The stream was bridged by a plank. As he walked across the plank, he saw a very strange sight.

The water in the stream was clear and quiet. It saw another dog with another bone in its mouth in the water.

“Ho!..." said the dog.

“What is this? Another dog with a piece of bone down in water? With a much bigger piece than mine! I will take it from the dog."

But the dog did not realize that the dog in the water was its own reflection.

He opened its mouth to catch the piece of bone from the dog in the water.

Alas! Down fell his own dinner with a loud splash…The gentle waving movement of the water cleared. The dog was staring up out of the water with empty jaws.

It was his shadow that he saw all the time and the shadow of his piece of bone too.

*. The Dog and The Donkey  -  Dog Story In English

A washer man had a donkey and a dog. Both the donkey and the dog helped his master in many ways. 

One night, few thieves broke in the house of that washer man. The dog heard them and started barking. The washer man got up and so did the neighbors. “What is that? A dog. Let us run," said the thieves.

 They feared some dangerous consequences. By that time many people gathered in the street. They tried to run away but they were caught by the people.

The washer man said, “I am glad I had this dog in my house. I am sure the thieves would have looted me if my dog had not barked." The washer man was highly proud of the dog. Every one too praised the dog.

From that day, the donkey started thinking, “The master thinks that the dog is a more useful animal than me.

" The donkey decided he will show his master, the washer man, that he too could be useful just like the dog. Few days passed. One night, it so happened, two thieves again entered the washer man’s house. 

The thieves became aware of the animals, present in that house. “We should be careful, friend! I have heard that a dog guards this house," one thief said to the other.

As the thieves peeped in, they saw the dog sitting just outside the main door. “It seems the dog is quite alert," said one thief.

“It is better to leave this house alone. We had better go at once," the other thief said and the two thieves fled.

 But unknown to the thieves, the donkey was watching all this. He thought, “It is a good opportunity for me to show my master that I too can be useful to him. The thieves have run away. 

If I start shouting, the master will think that I have driven the thieves away and out of this house.

" And the foolish donkey started braying loudly.

When the washer man heard the donkey bray at this odd hour, he got angry. He came out with a stick and thrashed the donkey. “This will teach him not to bray at night," he screamed. The donkey got all the thrashes in silence. It did not know what was taking place.

Just then the dog came to the donkey and said, “It is better to do your duties than try to be like me." The donkey knew that the dog was right. There after both the donkey and the dog remained peaceful.

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