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Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English -

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*. Rabbit and Tortoise Story In English - 

Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

 Once upon a time there lived a rabbit and a tortoise in a jungle . The rabbit was a fast runner and he was very proud of his speed. He sometimes boasted in font of the tortoise who was a slow runner. 

The tortoise got tired of hearing the rabbit's praise. He decided to challenge the rabbit for a race . Rabbit accepted the challenge happily. He was overconfident about his victory.

Now who would be the judge ? Bear suggested that Kangaroo should be the judge. Kangaroo agreed to judge the competition . Kangaroo decided that the competition would begin the next day. 

Next day all the animals gathered to watch the race of the rabbit and the tortoise . Some animals had pity on the tortoise because he could run very slowly. They were quite sure about his defeat. 

The race started. Both rabbit and tortoise began to run. All the animals watched the race with anxiety. They wondered who would win ? 

The rabbit run very fast and in no time he covered the half way. He looked back and found the tortoise now here . The tortoise ran very slowly that the rabbit left him far behind.

The rabbit was confident that the tortoise would take a lot of time to cover the half way. He got tired and decided to take some rest thinking that there  was a lot of time to relax. So he lay down to take rest . 

The rabbit went fast asleep very soon. The tortoise ran and ran at his pace without stopping anywhere. He crossed the rabbit. The rabbit was still sleeping. 

The tortoise was continuously running. Though he was slow but still he reached the finishing line. All the animals cheered for him.

The rabbit woke up after some time. He got worried. He thought the tortoise might have passed him. Again he began to run very fast.

The rabbit reached to the finishing line but the tortoise was already there. The tortoise won the race. The rabbit repented that why he went asleep in the middle of the race but it was too late.

Th judge Kangaroo announced that the tortoise is the winner. All the animals cheered for him very loud. The tortoise was very happy. 

The rabbit felt ashamed of himself that he often boasted in the front of the tortoise about his speed. The moral of the story is "slow and steady wins the race."

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*. The proud boy - Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

THERE was once a very proud boy. He always walked through the village with his eyes turned down and his hands in his pockets. The boys used to stare at him, and say nothing; and when he was out of sight, they breathed freely. 

So the proud boy was lonely, and would have had no friends out of doors if it had not been for two stray dogs, the green trees, and a flock of geese upon the common.

One day, just by the weaver's cottage, he met the tailor's son. Now the tailor's son made more noise than any other boy in the village, and when he had done anything wrong he stuck to it, and said he didn't care;

 So the neighbours thought that he was very brave, and would do wonders when he came to be a man, and some of them hoped he would be a great traveller, and stay long in distant lands. When the tailor's son saw the proud boy he danced in front of him, and made faces, and provoked him sorely, until, at last, the proud boy turned round and suddenly boxed the ears of the tailor's son, and threw his hat into the road. 

The tailor's son was surprised, and, without waiting to pick up his hat, ran away, and sitting down in the carpenter's yard, cried bitterly. After a few minutes, the proud boy came to him and returned him his hat, saying politely.

"There is no dust on it ; you deserved to have your ears boxed, but I am sorry I was so rude as to throw your hat on to the road."

"I thought you were proud," said the tailor's son, astonished; "I didn't think you'd say that I wouldn't."

"Perhaps you are not proud?"

"No, I am not."

"Ah, that makes a difference," said the proud boy, still more politely. "When you are proud, and have done a foolish thing, you make a point of owning it."

"But it takes a lot of courage," said the tailor's son.

"Oh, dear, no," answered the proud boy; "it only takes a lot of cowardice not to;" and then turning his eyes down again, he softly walked away.

*.The Broken Horse - Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

Tina was a 6 years old cute girl. She is very fond of wooden toys, especially she had a beautiful wood horse gifted by her uncle when she was 2 years old. The wooden horse has been her close pal and her pet. She has a 9 years old brother.

 She went on a vacation to a nature resort in the woods with her family. She carried the wooden horse with her. She enjoyed her holiday with her family in the woods. While she was packing things with her brother as they planned to return home, the wooden horse fallen down and one of the legs were broken. Tina was too sad and silently cried for her horse.

She was very upset. They packed all things and left the woods. Entire family tried to cheer up the sweet little girl, but Tina was so silent, very upset. Tina's brother tried to console her a lot.

They had a break for lunch and Tina refused to eat. Her momma requested her to eat food, she ate a very little amount of food.

While others were eating, she sat quietly in their car. Her brother came to her and kissed her cheek, told her,

'Tina dear, don't worry, don't get upset dear. It is only a wooden toy. The horse doesn't have a life like us and it is just a lifeless thing. Don't be so sad for the broken leg. Even if the horse loses its tail, it won't be hurting the horse.

 Even if all four legs are broken, the wooden horse remains same. Even if the horse loses its head, it won't be painful. I will buy a new wood horse for you!'

Tina replied, 'You think it doesn't matter that a leg of my pet toy was broken?'

Her brother replied, 'Yes dear!'

Tina replied, 'Yes brother you are right. It won't be a major issue for you even if the horse is broken into pieces at this age. But if you are in my age, if you had a pet like I had, you will feel how painful it would be to even if a small part of horse is broken!'

Her brother left silently!

Just like Tina, everyone has different feelings of different aspects. What we considered of no importance will be a treasure of somebody!

*.In the Moonlight - Story Of Rabbit And Tortoise In English

HE picked a buttercup, and held it up to her chin. "Do you like butter?" he asked.

"Butter!" she exclaimed. "They are not made into butter. They are made into crowns for the Queen; she has a new one every morning."

"I'll make you a crown," he said. "You shall wear it to-night."

" But where will my throne be ?" she asked.

"It shall be on the middle step of the stile by the corn-field."

So when the moon rose I went out to see.

He wore a red jacket and his cap with the feather in it. Round her head there was a wreath of buttercups; it was not much like a crown. On one side of the wreath there were some daisies, and on the other was a little bunch of blackberryblossom.

"Come and dance in the moonlight," he said ; so she climbed up and over the stile, and stood in the corn-field holding out her two hands to him. He took them in his, and then they danced round and round all down the pathway, while the wheat nodded wisely on either side, and the poppies awoke and wondered. 

On they went, on and on through the corn-field towards the broad green meadows stretching far into the distance. On and on, he shouting for joy, and she laughing out so merrily that the sound travelled to the edge of the wood, and the thrushes heard, and dreamed of Spring. On they went, on and on, and round and round, he in his red jacket, and she with the wild flowers dropping one by one from her wreath. 

On and on in the moonlight, on and on till they had danced all down the corn-field, till they had crossed the green meadows, till they were hidden in the mist beyond.

That is all I know; but I think that in the far far off somewhere, where the moon is shining, he and she still dance along a corn-field, he in his red jacket, and she with the wild flowers dropping from her hair.

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